Women’s Sensual Awakening and Jade Egg Practice Series

Celebrate your sensual self 
as you reawaken your intuitive erotic within
a once-a-month series this fall

 September 24, October 22, November 19

6 – 9 pm

 Mary Campbell and Sarah Nicholson

Jade Egg Exploration Ÿ~ Guided Meditation
Women’s Taoist Sexual Qi Gong Practices


Please contact us for sliding scale considerations. 
No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

To contact Saida Desilets' Jade Goddess website
for jade egg or book purchase, 
click here.

Over thousands of years the Taoists developed a system for accessing and connecting to the Earth's energy and power. Some of the most powerful mysteries they discovered were reserved only for royalty as they were thought to be too potent for the masses.

It was known then that the second chakra, our genitals, were the source of our life-force energy, our creativity and our passion. Nurturing that connection was considered to be both a responsibility of leadership and an essential foundation to living a healthy, fulfilling and joy-filled life.

This ancient wisdom is not entirely lost, though access to it is rare. We women push ourselves to meet constant demands day after day and wonder why we suffer from adrenal fatigue, exhaustion and lethargy, why our life force lags. We try to fit in exercise and a little pampering here and there, but still feel depleted.

True nurturance demands a rethinking of how we honor our essential needs in a practical way and attune ourselves to our bodies' wisdom.

A Native American elder reminded me recently that, just as in China millennia ago, indigenous peoples know our power lies in our connection to the Earth. We forget that our female bodies mirror the Earth’s cycles. We are part of Her, and connection to Her — and to our sisters – is the implicit foundation of life’s joy and effectiveness.

But how do we re-connect?

Please join Mary Campbell and Sarah Nicholson in this three-month exploration of the Taoist secrets to Women's Sensual Awakening. We will share with you practices we've learned from our teachers, Saida Desilets and Martine Flores, as we introduce and guide you in the foundational Jade Egg practice as well as chakra blessings from the Divine Feminine Institute. This intro will allow you to begin a relationship to the Jade Egg, to initiate its practice, and explore its potential impact for your life.

You will experience a deeper connection to your own sexual energy, a revived awareness and control of the musculature of your vagina, and with that, increased pleasure both for yourself and with a partner.

Women passing through the body’s natural menopausal changes may notice improved lubrication and continence as well as more fulfilling sexual response and pleasure. And we will also be building renewed trust in the sisterhood as we regain lost confidence in our safety with other women. 

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