Intimate. Connected. Alive.

Do you hope for more intimacy, more connection, a more fulfilling love life?

If you want to discover your own unique path away from struggle and disconnection
and move toward joy and aliveness, then I can help. 

Whether you are in a relationship or are single, I bring a simple and direct embodied method with a multitude of tools to help you quickly identify false beliefs and self-limiting attitudes. Together we can uncover those places where you have taken on cultural or family-originated attitudes that are simply untrue, and which keep you from living the full life that you came here to enjoy. 

This work is not therapy. It’s not about doing something better, trying harder, or fixing yourself.

The truth is. . . you are not broken.
In fact, when the roadblocks to living intimately are cleared away, your heart knows the way.

Why not live the magnificent life you were given – to the fullest!


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