2 practices to help you to remember your enough-ness

We’re a self-help culture, but what if you actually don’t need fixing, Dear Friend.

What if the power and mystery of life force energy is always there within you, even when you feel like you’re floundering?

You don’t need a research study — though there are any number out there to tell you that most American women struggle with an overwhelming sense of not-enough-ness. Every day’s too-much-ness makes it hard to remember the essence of who we are.

That constant message of inadequacy settles into our bones.

Then our bodies, like every other animal’s, constrict and contract as a natural reaction to danger.

Likely you do some version of this most every day.

Shoulders grip.

Eyebrows constrict.

Pelvic floor pulls up.

Breath shortens.

Jaw grips.

Sound familiar?

Every one of us builds our own distinctive configuration of protections to try to find a bit of safety in an anxiety-producing world.

That armor lives in the fibers of our bodies and deeper still in our very identities.

Then over time the intricate and beautiful way bodies and psyches were built to function is compromised.

We lose that life force vibrancy we were born with and harden into rigid patterns that squeeze out our joy.

This is no way to live!

But most people make do with exactly that.

I doubt that you do, though!

You wouldn’t keep reading my blogs if you did.

You know what’s true.

And what every spiritual path teaches.

The essence of each of us is pure love.

But how do we come back to love

when our past traumas feel like they’re holding us hostage?

Most other animals have an inborn ability to shake it off, literally,

and move on, present moment to present moment.

But we humans seems to hold on.

Most of us find go-to strategies to numb the pain,

OR when we’re somehow more aware,

we choose ones that restore us back to ourselves.

Likely you’ve discovered your own ways

of trying to come back to your natural wholeness after a day’s difficulties.

Maybe you pour yourself a glass of wine.

Or you chill with NetFlix.

Could be you spend an hour scrolling through social media.

Or if you can and are attuned to the deeper needs,

you find the energy to get to a yoga class,

laugh with someone you love,

or take a walk in the woods.

It’s pretty obvious,

some options have better outcomes over the long haul!

But notice what really works!

Coming back to your body’s present moment wisdom is key.

Because it’s only the mind that has an opinion about your enough-ness.

Can I offer you a few of the practices that have helped to land me — and my clients — back in the joy of being ourselves?


By doing only what you’re doing – like just taking a shower when you take a shower – instead of thinking about that tricky conversation from yesterday or fixating on what’s looming ahead, you set your mind toward the joy of the enough-ness of this moment.


For even 60 seconds with each step, feel your feet moving from heal to ball to toes.

Notice what you sense… the truth of your body.

Perhaps a few moments of this simple practice will help you find a center

more true than some negative story you’ve been telling yourself.

You see, we live in bodies.

We aren’t just walking heads.

We all want to feel our authentic wholeness.

The best way I’ve found to evolve through and beyond life’s traumas whether large or small is to incorporate some sort of embodiment practice into your daily routine. 

With so much love,

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