2 Keys to Every Transformation and 3 Ways to Make it Happen Over the Next 13 Weeks

Transform… really?Does your cynic scoff as much as mine at that overused word?Can anything really change that much in just 13 weeks? Celtic legend says that seeds do.They rest in the dark for an entire seasonBefore stirring beneath the soil for their triumphant blossoming.Imagine having an entire season to rest! Winter is that season in the natural […]

What’s waiting for you in this darkness?

It’s almost the Winter Solstice… the darkest time of the year. Over the thousands of years before electricity made us forget what darkness gave, most folks weren’t going to twinkling holiday parties in mid-December. Instead it’s likely they used this darkening time to rest, to take stock. How was the harvest this year? What grew well, […]

Are you still secretly hiding a dark side on this darkest of days?

Did you think a boogie man hid under your bed when you were 4 years old, Dear Friend? Every child imagines something terrifying in the dark. For me it wasn’t the bed though, it was the basement! As a kid I was told to go fetch my mother’s canned tomatoes. But I hated to go […]