Are you still secretly hiding a dark side on this darkest of days?

Did you think a boogie man hid under your bed when you were 4 years old, Dear Friend?

Every child imagines something terrifying in the dark.

For me it wasn’t the bed though, it was the basement!

As a kid I was told to go fetch my mother’s canned tomatoes.

But I hated to go down in our basement!

I’m not sure what I thought might be hiding in the dark,

But even after I’d flipped the light switch,

I was still a little scared of what might be lurking in the shadows.

As I grew into my teens it was my brain that helped the panic.

Probability and logic got me past the fear.

I’d straighten myself up, stand firm on the top step, and muster every bit of my courage, reminding myself…

There’s really almost no chance that a serial killer is down there waiting for you!!

You can do this!

I’m wondering if that’s the way we humans are.

Afraid of what might be lurking in the darkness.

Is that why you keep so crazy busy in these darker days of winter?

Why you make sure the lights stay on and the music keeps playing?

And why this winterseason is so hard for many of us?

Stopping to ponder what’s really going on in the dark, deep inside, can feel as viscerally terrifying as that boogie man was when we were young.

Our bodies remember the terror and still grip around it.

But I’ve found that it’s only digging deep to see what’s real that de-fangs the fear.

Every time.

I may not like what I find when I ask questions like…

what old habit is holding me back?

what is crying out for change?

what wants my gentle compassion?

But looking straight on clears away the fog.

Then I can see a path forward into the light.

You see, fears live in the imagination – in what might happen in the future.

It’s the mind that takes us there, but it’s also in-sight-ful, compassionate, embodied inquiry that finds the truth and illuminates the path forward.

I hope you’ll let this Winter Solstice time be your invitation to go deeper.

Here are my first and second very specific blogs from earlier this month to help guide you on your Solstice deep dive.

I’ve been fortunate to have a wise guide over the past ten years to help me peak under the proverbial bed.

I couldn’t have done this deep work on my own.

But with her beside me, when we lifted the covers together the little 4-year-old girl that still lives inside me felt safe enough to take a good look, and the scary monster I feared was nowhere to be found.

And that is what I am offering to you today –

Will you let me hold your hand as we bring light to your dark places?

Because going it alone is terrifying.

It’s the reason we start and stop and don’t have much success.

But having a professional ghostbuster by your side makes everything possible.

What I know to be true in the marrow of my bones is that fears that stay hidden will devour the best life you were born to live.

So if you’re ready to move into your joy, to feel the weight of years of worry lift from your shoulders once and for all, let’s talk.  

Click here to reserve a FREE Introductory Session with me and in 30 minutes we will do ONE vital thing:

We will discover what is holding you back in the dark recesses of your worries and doubt, and then we will create a path forward into the light you have always been.

Some people use this session to rekindle optimism, hope or romance.

Others use it to feel the love they’ve secretly longed for, for years.

But everyone leaves feeling lighter and more capable than they ever imagined was possible.

I know because it’s been my path.

And it can be yours, too.

I promise.

With so much love,

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