Could a closer look be all you really need?

ANYTIME we come back to what we feel and sense— letting go, even for a few seconds, of the incessant preoccupations of the mind —we land back home again in a grounded centeredness we may have forgotten.

Have you missed really sensing your feminine self?

Connecting to our senses brings us back to a place of connection with a deeper sense of ourselves and everything around us…back to this place of home and steadiness and a visceral knowing that we can trust all that is always here to support us.

5 Steps to reclaim Joy

Our day-to-day lives have the potential to be filled with far more joy than we allow, regardless of what else is going on. Unfortunately most humans are so out of practice attuning to their senses that they rarely notice what’s also there to en-joy at any moment.

Is trust hard for you? (Part 1)

We forget to really take in — to receive — what is true! We are so busy doing and working and putting out that we fail to take in what can soothe and support us through even the scariest days yet to come this winter.

Is it time to reclaim your time?

Without the usual outer-induced structure it’s easy to float along distracted by pings and posts, feeling insubstantial, ungrounded, overwhelmed with an endless stream of stuff to do.

Letting go this Autumn Equinox

As we approach this Autumn Equinox which is a time of massively shifting energies, we are being propelled to let go, like the trees are doing with their leaves — in order to allow ourselves to be in sync with the changes that are happening all around us.

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