A simple Autumn Equinox Ritual to create more stability in your life

I invite you to join me and a small group of up to 16 women to celebrate the Autumn Equinox at my home in Great Barrington, MA from 5-8pm on Wednesday 21 September.

This sacred gathering is designed to help you to come back to yourself, your body’s delight, your innate balance, and the deeper connection with the natural world, waiting here to help you return to wholeness. 

There’s no denying that cooler weather is coming. It’s time to acknowledge our courage and gird ourselves for the coming winter, recognizing what supports us and identifying with our personal and shared strengths. We’ll use fire to embolden our determination, establishing new commitments to support the months to come.

The format for the gathering includes:

  • A potluck autumn feast of nature’s bounty
  • A deeply nurturing and confidential space to tune into your own wisdom in order to create physical and emotional health and healing
  • Nature-based practices and guided meditations to bring you into a place of inner stillness 
  • Specific instruction to deepen your capacity to attune to your own intuition and inner wisdom through deep nature processes
  • Guidance to allow you to reconnect with your feelings, needs and your own innate wisdom 
  • Feminine wisdom teachings to help you to reconnect with the beauty and power of your divine feminine energy 
  • A supportive environment in which to at least be-friend yourself and your body if not fall in love with them! 
  • Deep relaxation
  • Time to refocus your intentions on where you are going in your life, and to gain clarity about what changes you can make in order to create more balance and regain a sense of wholeness.
  • Meaningful connection with other women who are wanting to live more fully alive in all aspects of their lives.

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In this short video, I share a simple ritual which you can incorporate into your life during the days on the run up to and just after the Autumn Equinox in order to create more stability at this transitional point of the year.

Click here to find out how to create more balance, ease, and peace in your life by taking part in the 8 Retreat Days which I am offering throughout the next 12 months as part of my Women’s Year program.

With so much love,

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