Could a closer look be all you really need?

With more time at home, and lots to keep me busy, I’m beginning to feel a little stir crazy.

Maybe you, too?

I miss the variety my daily life used to offer.

Spur of the moment meet-ups.

Hugs with an old friend I bump into on the street.

Catching up over drinks at Prairie Whale.

Now I need to look a little closer to find the spice that variety used to give me.

The spice I need is right here but I’m likely to miss it unless I DECIDE to really take a look.

That’s why I’m sharing the simple process I use every day to help me remember the joy that’s right here, whenever I DECIDE to take a real look. Otherwise I’m likely to numb-out to what’s actually there to please me. And that’s a darn shame, when there’s so much else to take me into spirals of worry and sadness and despair.

I need these sense practices to bring me back to WHAT’S JUST AS REAL!

That’s why I’ve been developing this 5-step sense meditation practice for years and sharing it with every client I see. I believe they are that essential!

It’s too easy to forget that joy and sorrow live together

Life is a BOTH/AND paradox…as much as we’d like to simplify it and push away what is hard to hold.

With all that can freak us out right now, personally and worldwide, we need practices to

~ bring us back home to a deeper connection that’s always here.

~ remind us of the joy and beauty that’s everywhere – always.

You have all the tools you need. Nothing to buy or download from somewhere else.

Take a look around you right now…

Notice what’s there there that catches your eye.

Simple, right?

Now… for Step #2

Why does it please you?

Why did it catch your eye?

Really look…

Was it the color?

The way it caught the sunlight through the window?

Or its delicacy, like the stamen on these peach blossoms?

ANYTIME we come back to what we feel and sense— letting go, even for a few seconds, of the incessant preoccupations of the mind —we land back home again in a grounded centeredness we may have forgotten.

Next week I’ll add Step#3 — for more fully receiving what’s here to bring more joy to life.

Until then…

Decide to NOTICE MORE  

Notice what pleases you.

Stay with it for a few breaths… 

really seeing, tasting, feeling.

Then ask WHY.

What is it that pleases you?

What touched you?

Acknowledging the particulars will wake you up to more joy.

Exactly what we need right now!

If you’d like a hand to support you in this process, please check out my offerings here.

With so much love,

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