Join me online every third Tuesday of each month for 90 minutes of highly practical and interactive conversations addressing the challenges and opportunities female-identified persons face in their intimate lives. Each month I will bring my decades of study and sensuality coaching to focus on the power every women has to create the intimate connections she desires with her self, her loved ones, and her wider world.

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How to Upgrade Your Pleasure Priority
Choosing What's Working Instead of What's Not
Tuesday, May 16
8-9:30pm ET on Zoom

$20 - $40 sliding scale

I’ve loved Emily Nagaski for years. Her book, Come As You Are, has been one of my most useful and practical go-to resources to help singles and couples move out of “what’s wrong” in their intimate life to realizing “what’s normal and right” and how to build a more delighted sexual experience from that.

Check out her 9 minute YouTube for inspiration.

In our 90-minutes together Tuesday evening you will learn what joy-centered living is and why intentionally prioritizing pleasure is an ABSOLUTELY essential cultural and personal shift to enjoying living in the body and lives we possess.

Join me as we explore:
1. how to modulate your inner gas and break pedals for greater pleasure
2. how to lay the context that encourages more pleasurable sex
3. how to talk with a partner about sex

The goal of this class is to help you get excited and hopeful for increasing your own pleasure, in the bedroom and everywhere else. Expect an interactive, engaged experience with time for questions and support.