The Women's Path Retreat

Between Power and Resilience

Maira Martinez and Mary Campbell

Maira Martinez and Mary Campbell

6:30pm Friday, March 15

10:30 – 6:30pm Saturday, March 16

12:30 – 6pm Sunday, March 17 

1pm Sunday, April 30

Only 6 places available

Since the dawn of time, women have displayed acts of both love and courage, gestures of resilience. Love and resilience manifest themselves in marvelous demonstrations of existential creativity. 

In honor of International Women’s Month this coming March, I will be co-facilitating a beautifully restorative and creative retreat for women right here in the Berkshires, instead of my usual week at Haramara in Mexico.

I’m thrilled to be bringing Maira Martinez, my Biodanza teacher from my studies in Quebec, to share her wondrous work helping to inspire our creative expression and deep connection. Please find her bio and details about the weekend below.

The Women’s Path: Between Power and Resilience

JOIN US if you’ve been curious about: 

  • your anatomy of arousal and pleasure potential
  • the jade egg and practices to expand pleasure and female health
  • my 4 essential tips to feel more pleasure in your body
  • taking charge of your own pleasure in everything you create
  • yoga and qigong tools to enhance your body’s erotic aliveness
  • enjoying a deeply nurturing and confidential space to tune into your own wisdom  
  • how much more IS possible, no matter your age or stage of life

What's included?

How many group sessions

  • 5 group sessions
  • Personal guidance and coaching from Mary
  • Specific instruction to deepen your capacity to attune to your body’s wisdom and your own intuition
  • Connection with like-minded women
  • Time to settle into yourself
  • 5 Single beds (3 in loft spaces) and one double futon
  • 5 organic healthy protein and veggie friendly meals, with gluten-free and dairy-free options
  • Ceremonial time in nature

How much does it cost?

  • $325 all inclusive for single accommodations
  • $425 all inclusive for double accommodations 

Priority given for early enrollment. Please don’t hesitate to ask about sliding scale rates.

How do you want to live your one precious life, Dear One?

You still have time!  

Join me to set in motion your most vibrant Springtime ever.