Have you missed really sensing your feminine self?

Today, mother or not, it’s easy to forget that we live in bodies built for pleasure.

You see, Western culture teaches us to idolize the mind…

Still does. 

Without honoring the balance that the feminine brings, physical pleasure has been turned into a shadow perversion most women naturally distain. So we learn to ignore our senses and mistrust our pleasures. Our cultural ethos says “If we know enough we’ll feel safe.”

Only, I’m sure you’ve noticed…though it’s vital to our safety, all that information isn’t bringing us more happiness and contentment.

Here’s a one-minute practice to help you FEEL more of that.

What we need and crave, especially during this COVID time, is connection. Question is…where do you find more connection when socially distancing is insisting you have less?

Seeing folks on Zoom has been a help for some. Last week my family virtually celebrated my son’s college graduation. The connection was so precious, none of us wanted to end the call. I was super grateful for Zoom!

But perhaps with all the virtual focus — and our mind’s preoccupation with trying to make sense of it all — we’ve numbed ourselves to the connection and pleasure that is ALWAYS available, pandemic or not.

We have 5 senses and a most exquisite world to enjoy more than we do, to even viscerally feel a tingly sense of awe and wonder.

Unless we’ve forgotten how to notice.

Unless we’ve let our senses atrophy.

Unless we’ve devalued the joys of living in a body,

Unless we’ve diminished our feminine capacity to receive — instead overdoing, overthinking, overgiving.

My mission, Dears, is to help us remember who we are as women, yes, but as humans! 

We are mind and body.

Head and heart.

Doing and being.

Remembering to give yourself balance is the hard part!

We’ve been celebrating motherhood today, but the primal, elemental experience of being a woman isn’t limited to birthing and succling.

We are built for intimacy with our bodies, and an innate capacity to connect on a deeper level with everyone and everything we draw to ourselves.   

The work I do as a Spiritual Counselor and Intimacy Coach is to help folks delve beneath the mind’s preoccupations – and the stories and compensations we create to manage life’s suffering – to reconnect to what is also true.

Always true.

And always there to help us feel safe and alive again.

I love this quote by Yeats, 

“The world is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”

W.B. Yeats

Connecting to our senses brings us back to a place of connection with a deeper sense of ourselves and everything around us…back to this place of home and steadiness and a visceral knowing that we can trust all that is always here to support us.

No matter what’s going on in our world – right here, right now, always – we have the support we need to manage and to thrive.

Take on this practice, if you like.

And watch the precipitous escalation of your joy.

Isn’t that what we need now, more than ever?

With so much love,

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