Letting go this Autumn Equinox

A few years ago, an elderly friend of mine shared his harrowing account of running to escape the Russian army during World War II. Beside him in the mass of terrified people was a mother carrying her infant child and dragging a heavy suitcase behind her. My kind friend offered to carry the baby but the woman begged him instead to pull the suitcase. Just as he reached down to oblige, a strafing of machine gun fire mowed down all those standing. My friend was the only one to survive.

Some time later, Paul opened the suitcase to find it filled with the silver this unfortunate woman couldn’t leave behind.

This story prompts me to ask you this Autumn Equinox… 

What prized burden have you been lugging along that might need to be left behind? 

Toward what experience of freedom are you being invited that is slowed by some weighty attachment to the past?

As we approach this Autumn Equinox which is a time of massively shifting energies, we are being propelled to let go, like the trees are doing with their leaves — in order to allow ourselves to be in sync with the changes that are happening all around us.

And surely we’ve been given signs, just as the coloring of the leaves and cooling temperatures give us an unmistakable indication of autumn’s coming.

Perhaps a sticky interaction with someone or a relationship’s disharmony is insisting upon a greater dose of your truth. Most likely your body is signaling you about the changes that are in order. 

When you really tune in to any subtle levels of tension, you may get in touch with clear information about the shifts you are being invited to consider. 

Is something out of balance in your diet or sleeping rhythms?

What’s true that you’ve been ignoring? 

This Autumn Equinox on 21 September might just provide you with an ideal occasion to listen more deeply to the wisdom of your body.

Please don’t miss this seasonal opportunity to let go and, if you would like to join together with me and a small group of women here in the Berkshires to mark the changing of the season together, click here to find out more.

The entire week around 21/22 September will hold powerful potential for real change. Say yes to this invitation. In the energy of these strong forces, make an intention to realign yourself with your life’s purpose.

Decide what’s left in that heavy suitcase you may still be carrying, and choose to let it go. Step into the light that will illumine you when you’ve been freed to live you’re authentic life. Just like Paul, you’re still alive! Make the most of it!

If you’d like to join us on Wednesday 21 September from 5-8pm here at my home in Great Barrington, please click here.

With so much love,

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