What is Biodanza? 

Biodanza is ritual dance form encouraging an intense experience of collective aliveness. We experience Vivencia when our full selves are called forth and we are fully present to all sides of ourselves – the transcendent, the erotic, the creative, the vital, the emotional – all parts of us are expressed and welcomed, all shared with others. In the experience of Vivencia, we are individually and collectively aware of the sacred in life. And we rekindle our connection to self, others and the world. 

Come join us as we bring Biodanza dances to Western New England and the Hudson Valley! 

In Biodanza, we use the simple and beautiful movements of everyday living, including circles, taking hands, encounters, hugs, touch, caress, witnessing, moving together in rhythm, and joy. Creating Vivencia, we’ll weave dances of simple and profound presence. We will open ourselves to passionate and blissful dialogues of sacredness, humility, and humanity; we will rediscover the joy and profound grace of being alive… together! 

Note: Biodanza is not about any form of proficiency. It is a dance practice for everyone who yearns to really live – proficient dancers and people who still think they cannot dance. 

We hope to bring certified Biodanza teachers to the Berkshires quartly to begin to buid a community of dancers living in their Vivencial fullness. 


Biodanza Weekend Retreat

Friday 7pm – Sunday 5pm

92 St Josen Rd
Accord, NY 

Retreat Class Payment

We will share the cost of  

Hudson Valley Evening Event

Saturday, June 3 


Mountainview Studio,20 Mountainview Ave, Woodstock, MA 12498

Payment Options: $20/ $30/$40 

Harlemville DayLong Workshop

Sunday, June 4

Mettabee Farm, 551 Harlemville Rd, Hillsdale, MA 12529

Payment Options: $40/ $60/$80