Counseling & Coaching

We all get lost along the way at times. People choose to work with me as a decades-long Spiritual Counselor and/or certified Intimacy Coach when they realize they’re not able to more consistently move past the issues that still plague their lives. 

Perhaps your relationship is in crisis, your sexuality has lost its passion, or you desire richer intimacy, connection and pleasure?

Maybe you can’t seem to find yourself again in the midst of a career or life transition.

Or do you notice unhealthy patterns that are still standing in the way of your fullest and happiest life?

Perhaps you’re missing that feeling of connection to what used to feel important, to someone else, or even yourself?

Maybe it’s a deeper challenge. Perhaps you just don’t like the you’ve been becoming.  In many ways you are successful in your career and in life, but you miss connecting to the pleasures life is meant to offer.

Often my clients realize that talk therapy hasn’t made enough of a difference. They understand their issues all too well, but the most thorny ones still remain, blocking the joy and peace life is meant to bring.

My work invites you to relax out of your mind’s perpetual hyper-critical overdrive and explore a somatic, body-based coaching approach that is far more direct and immediately impactful than traditional therapy. You learn to trust the body to help you access a more foundational grounding.

Many say they find significant resolution and greater impact when they have developed the perspective I offer to relax the ego and trust their bodies’ awareness to lead the way. 

If you are in need of a caring ear, an insightful perspective, and a guide to help you listen to the vast wisdom of your true heart, I am here to walk with you.

I invite you to bring whatever you feel you need to unpack or explore in the safe and unconditionally loving environment I offer. 

Book your Free Introductory Session

I offer a FREE 30 minute Introductory Session so that we can connect and explore whether this is the right next step for you. If you then want to proceed with some sessions with me, prices range from $175 per 55 minute session or you may want to consider my 13 Week Exclusive Program by scrolling down this page.

I am happy to offer sliding scale sessions if you are 100% committed, but unable to afford the full rate.

13 Week Deep Dive Program

If you are fully committed to connecting to your journey I invite you to consider investing in my 13 week Deep Dive Program.  

I prefer to journey with clients over 13 weeks because that is the duration of a season in nature and, just like the natural world, your life is cyclical in nature. I’ve discovered that committing to working together in this way for a full season is the most powerful way to rediscover your authentic feminine nature and connect with yourself and your innate pleasure.

This program includes…

  • 13 x 55 min private sessions (via Zoom or in person)
  • Weekly bespoke downloadable audio meditations 
  • Recordings of our sessions for you to refer back to in the future
  • Connection with me via text and optional 15 minute check-ins as needed
  • Tools and resources tailored to your specific needs
  • Home practice & journaling prompts

Total investment: $2900 (payable at time of booking your first session in the program or by arranged payment plan)