March 16-23, 2024
A week-long retreat lovingly crafted just for women.
Awaken your senses, your sensuality and vitality, and reclaim inner joy and tranquility
at one of the most beautiful retreat locations on Earth.
Nestled above the Pacific Ocean on 12 private acres of tropical jungle with a private and pristine beach, Haramara (“Mother Sea”) is an exclusive and intimate seaside yoga resort offering sensual tropical harmony to every guest.

Women often bemoan what’s not working in our lives, our bodies, and our relationships,
 but rarely do we have a chance to focus on what’s most important to our sexual and sensual satisfaction. 

Those critical inner voices the culture taught us still jangle in our head,
and the long list of what’s NOT right about who we are and how we are in the bedroom.

But what IS right is right there waiting for our attention
AND so much more important to living alive and enjoying all this beautiful world has to offer us. 

Join me for a week of learning, honest sharing, and self-discovery
with very practical steps to reprogram the old and invite in what’s yours to enjoy. 

The sleeping cabana experience is enhanced without electricity allowing the illumination of oil lamps and candles, leaving behind the tedious demands of our electronic age.
Spend free time relaxing at the pool, or take an après-hike dip in this stunning infinity above the Pacific.

Gathering at Haramara Retreat in Sayulita truly feels like being nestled in a loving, safe community in unspoiled, natural beauty far from the stress, technology and responsibilities of our day to day lives.

I have been fortunate to experience its breathtaking open-air architectural design in a lush and luxurious atmosphere for nearly a decade of almost consecutive years. Each year, I cannot wait to return. Women who have attended agree that mere words cannot describe the reconnection with self and others available at this place. It is like a long awaited exhale…
like coming home to yourself. 

I am once again offering a week at this singular property, surrounded by completely natural luxury, while enjoying fully open air experiences at this dreamy place that has been described as “Robinson Crusoe meets Architectural Digest”.

The retreat is situated on 12 private acres of land on the magnificent, rugged coast of the Pacific Ocean, backed by the Sierra Madre Mountains in Mexico. The accommodations are gorgeous private casitas that merge the outdoors with the inside, set apart from one another, each nestled within tropical jungle vegetation on a hillside overlooking a private, pristine beach.

The property has long been stewarded by a grounded force of a woman with a vision of creating an untouched, eco-friendly sanctuary, allowing guests to truly retreat from their lives and immerse themselves in the beauty of nature. Sajeela has employed the same sweet-natured, high quality, kind and thoughtful staff for years and has set high Covid standards that you can read more about here.

Due to Haramara’s completely open air setting any residual COVID worries are less of a concern, though I follow best health guidelines to ensure we are once again in a trusted bubble.


This opportunity for meaningful self-discovery, self-trust and self-compassion in idyllic setting might be for you if:

  • You long to let go of the schedule, of pushing, striving and strategizing and surrender to beauty and healthy pleasure
  • You want to feel re-enlivened, reconnected and inspired
  • You seek to be truly nourished by community, nature, fresh food and open air
  • You are interested in movement and contemplative practices to reclaim and restore the aspects of you that have been forgotten, lost or rejected.
  • You are intrigued by the idea of combining travel with opportunities to gain skills to cultivate more acceptance, enthusiasm and ease in your life.

A week in the sensual, lush surroundings – of the destination that Yoga Journal calls one of the top ten yoga retreats in the world – is the perfect time to unplug, reset, and reconnect with who you really are without the roles you play in your life. What you’ll experience with Mary:

  • Practical tools to renew intimacy, appreciation and love for yourself, others and the world
  • A renewed relationship with your senses, your body and your emotional depths
  • Exploring rest, pleasure and receiving- shaking off the belief that we have to “earn it”
  • Revitalizing, accessible morning movement and women’s qigong practices
  • Powerful meditations to open your heart to compassion, peace and enjoyment
  • Daily walks on “nature’s stair master”, a peaceful (yet at some points challenging) trek through flowering trees, singing tropical birds and palms down to a dramatic beachfront complete with swaying hammocks *Note, those not wishing to walk on sometimes steeper inclines may like to request a casita that is closer to the shalas and restaurant thus shortening the daily short hikes to and from the accommodations
  • exclusive and completely private jade egg initiation experience
  • A special closing experience to reconnect with play and pleasure
  • Quiet centered time, returning to wholeness and the chance to “be” rather than “do”
  • An invitation to deepen your connection to nature and to other women.
  • JOIN US if you’ve been curious about: 

    • your anatomy of arousal and pleasure potential
    • my 4 essential tips to feel more pleasure in your body
    • taking charge of your own pleasure in everything you create
    • jade egg practices and qigong tools to connect more deeply with your body’s energetic and erotic aliveness
    • enjoying a deeply nurturing and confidential space to tune into your own wisdom  
    • how much more IS possible, no matter your age or stage of life
    • Learn Mary’s tools to sharpen your intuition and align with your own natural wisdom 

What the day looks like:

Daily sunrise qigong practices with Mary in a large, secluded, open air shala surrounded by nature and birdsong (we’ll sometimes practice on the private beach!)

  • Mid-morning group explorations of self-love beginning with embodied practices and ending with Biodanza movement meditations to integrate what’s being received.
  • Three healthy, organic and delicious vegetarian and pescatarian meals luxuriously served from Haramara’s highly acclaimed culinary kitchen in an open-air dining room with a spectacular view including a stunning sunset over the ocean every night.
  • Enjoy free afternoons with a siesta, a stroll through the vast, jungle-like setting, relax on the secluded beach or at the breathtaking infinity pool looking down at the ocean. You may also indulge in optional spa treatments from supremely skilled local practitioners in spaces created for privacy, yet open to the warm breeze and ocean sounds.
  • Several relaxed late afternoon integrations with Mary to support your body, mind and spirit.
  • Inspiring and optional sleep support practices before bed.

What you’ll take home:

  • Return to your life inspired, with a new set of daily practices to keep the fire of your vitality and desires burning brightly
  • You’ll be re-enlivened in your most intimate relationships with yourself, others, and the world we share. 
  • Take your senses on a tour of the Haramara Retreat Center, acclaimed as one of the 10 best yoga retreats in the world.
  • You’ll see why I’ve returned so many times since 2015!


Mary Campbell is a long-time women’s empowerment and intimacy teacher, ordained minister and spiritual counselor, wedding officiant, and educator. She is devoted to helping people release what blocks their joy and open to the widest range of what is possible at the intersection of the sacred and the senses.

With university degrees and success in career and family life, as she approached mid-life she watched her satisfaction and libido diminish. Under-nourished, despite all the trappings of the West’s success story, she found her voice and her deeper happiness by divining – like a divining rod finds water deep beneath the Earth’s crust – a fuller connection to the natural world and her own present-moment sense pleasure, what she believes every woman is born to enjoy.

Mary is the author of the forthcoming book: The Pleasure Playbook: 13 Invitations for Awakening Joy. She offers women’s workshops and retreats near her home in the Berkshire hills of Western Massachusetts and around the globe and works privately with individuals and couples wishing to deepen their connection with themselves, their loved ones and the wider world. You can find years of her periodic blogs and offerings at, on FB at DiviningBeauty, videos on her YouTube channel, and on Instagram.

I am limiting the number of retreat guests to a total of thirteen, including myself, so I’m quite sure this experience will sell out quickly.

Given health precautions, in order to secure shared double, triple, or quad accommodations at Haramara, I recommend registering with a friend or friends with whom you’re comfortable sharing space. In the case that I have multiple single guests wanting shared casitas, I will accommodate the best I can given our small group. If you wish to attend the retreat without bringing a friend to share your casita, and I do not have another single to pair you with, you must register as a single (or speak to me personally about other options). If you are intending to join me, we encourage you to save your spot soon.

A down-payment of $1000.00 will save your space. Total payment due by January 30th, 2024.
(Payment plans can be available.)

In past years several registrants had to cancel, and I was unable to give the a refund. This felt awful for both parties. So I am insisting that each guest acquire travel insurance within 72 hours of the booking date (the date you pay your deposit) that includes the option to “cancel for any reason” as there will be no refunds due to travel interruptions or illness. See below for more information.

Many past attendees have called retreating with me one of the most unforgettable experiences they have ever treated themselves to.
Here’s what they say:
Dianne M2019 Retreat at Haramara
Read More
I was not passionate about traveling to Mexico but wanted the experience of the retreat. I admit I like the comforts of home, so I was nervous about open-air accommodations. I was completely blown away by the experience at Haramara. It is a magical, gorgeous, sensual setting that I would return to again and again. To be completely immersed in nature, the sounds of the jungle and the ocean, while feeling comfortable in my gorgeous cabana, was incredible. What I learned from Mary and Lisa was the icing on the cake. I felt empowered, rested and inspired and I use the practices often to stay connected to my heart in a high-pressured world.
S.E.2019 Retreat at Haramara
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It's difficult to find the words to fully express the impact of my time at Haramara. Lisa and Mary created a safe, loving environment for us to show up and be our vulnerable, authentic selves. I was surrounded by beauty - the beauty of the supportive women I shared this experience with, the beauty of the space we called home for the week, the beauty of the ocean, and so much more. I felt nourished by the delicious meals, the yoga practices and group sessions, and all the moments of connection. I walked away with a lightness and clarity and a tribe of incredible women I'm so grateful to have in my life. I will forever cherish my magical week with my Haramara Goddesses!
Anon2023 Retreat Participant
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Every moment of Mary's retreat was magic. She had a special and intuitive way of reaching into each of us, seeing us, sensing us and bringing out - birthing - our divine feminine essence. I came to the retreat not really believing that pleasure was a priority and left in the full knowledge that it may actually be my life's work
Phoebe Lain
Phoebe Lain2023 Retreat Participant
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The retreat with Mary was absolutely magical, powerful, playful and of course, so so pleasurable. The loving container she holds creates a space for deep transformation and delightful learning. This work has become so incredibly important to me, and I am so grateful.
Erika TIlley2023 Retreat Participant
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Mary's magic reminds me to bring forward the focus of my life to enjoyment and pleasure. My life is so much happier when I make pleasure my priority.

What’s Included:

  • Seven days and nights at the breathtaking, incomparable Haramara Resort in Sayulita, Mexico
  • Three absolutely delicious vegan, vegetarian or pescatarian meals per day which includes a vast selection of fruit, yogurt, homemade granola and made to order hot dishes for breakfast, a three course nourishing lunch and dinner that will have you glowing from the inside out. (dairy-free and gluten free options available) Excludes alcohol.
  • An opening night orientation at dinner and a special brunch on departure day.
  • Exclusive access to 12 private acres of jungle trails, a healing saltwater infinity pool and opportunities to watch the sunrise and sunset in paradise every day
  • An inspirational bonfire experience on the beach
  • Daily sunrise, late morning, afternoon and optional evening premium teachings, practices and guidance from Mary.
  • One free day for exploring Sayulita or enjoying optional outings nearby.


What’s Not Included:

  • Shuttles to and from Haramara (shared shuttles range from $15 USD to $90 per person for arrival shuttles depending on how many guests per trip/ $10 USD to $65 USD for departure shuttle)
  • Gratuities for shuttle and retreat staff (suggested tip for retreat staff, $120 USD for the week)
  • Incredible restoring and inspiring spa treatments with gifted practitioners and healers (ranging from $90-$120 USD per treatment)
  • Airfare
  • Additional snacks like fresh coconut water, superfood smoothies, guacamole or drinks from the pool cafe and bar.
  • Travel Insurance: A travel insurance policy that includes the option to “cancel for any reason” must be attained within 3 days of booking (paying your deposit). You can add the airfare to the policy at a later date. I have found policies purchased through the John Hancock Insurance Company . Please “select” the “cancel for any reason” choice which is available in either the silver or gold packages. We require you to send us a copy of your travel policy document. Expect to pay between $200 and $300 for an appropriate travel insurance policy. Remember you must purchase insurance within 3 days of purchasing the retreat and your airfare. If you need to cancel at any time you will then be able to receive a refund through your insurance. 

Retreat Investment:

Single: $3950

Double: $2900

Triple: $2400

Quad: $2300

Dorm: $2100

Email me with questions and to purchase your retreat.

Looking forward to an unforgettable vacation in paradise!