We all feel the promise of love’s possibility when we first fall in love. But the vulnerability we experience from our most intimate relationships seems designed to bring up our deepest childhood wounds. 

We want to feel close, but instead we pull away from hurt. We blame, reject, or try to manipulate the other into being who we need them to be in order to feel safe and loved again. Whether we stay together or not, too often we despair, shut down, or give up altogether, too hurt to keep trying.

I believe our intimate relationships hold the seeds to heal all that stand in the way of love. If we’re courageous and willing, they ask us to look more explicitly at our own subterranean stories we’ve unconsciously held about who we are and aren’t, to explore these early wounds and beliefs with curiosity, patience, and tenderness, and to invite the body to be our ally in releasing what’s been standing in the way of our joy and love. 

The gentle psycho/somatic approach I use invites Grace to work in us, to help us trust a deeper holding than what we can humanly ensure. We learn to relax our ego’s need to be right, to soften the hardened edges of our judgmental defensiveness, and to open to a Wholeness beyond our familiar personality as we rediscover and live, enjoying and reflecting the Love we are at core. 

This work is not about fixing relationships or beating our ego (or our partner’s) into submission. Instead I believe this is profound and practical spiritual work. And I feel incredibly fortunate to assist as a guide and companion on your journey.

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