About Me

I’m an Intimacy Coach and ordained Interfaith Minister serving privately with clients in-person and online.

I have advanced degrees in music and education, spent my 30s happily being Mama to three now grown-up kids, and the years since studying and guiding people in the many ways we can deepen connection to our own truth, our bodies, those we love, and the vast natural world that sustains us.

For much of the last decade I’ve led annual sensuality retreats for women and couples in Mexico and the Berkshires and trust in a guidance beyond myself to guide my work and life.

I’m told by many of the people with whom I work that I have a gift for mirroring their unique beauty and possibility. Because beneath our struggles and fears always lies the True Heart sourced in love.

I do NOT believe that sex and spirituality are mutually exclusive. Instead I know that humans were built to enjoy far more pleasure and joy than most of us allow. And I’m determined to live that way and help others do the same. 

We spend the first half of our lives building our own individual identity and, if we’re fortunate, the last half finding our way back to the truth of our ever-deepening connection to all of life. If you’d like to live more fully in your innate peace, joy, and integrity I look forward to meeting with you.

My  story


Bright-eyed me and my mother


Me as big sister


Fort LeBoeuf High School Graduation


Happy Wedding Day


With baby Ethan


Stepping out with David


Family Life


Happy Momma and daughter


First Tantra Retreat in Mexico


Hosting ‘Adoring the Beloved Day for Women’


First ever photoshoot


Hosting a retreat at Haramara in Mexico